Send position across multiplayer (waiting to be solved...)

the player right now only sends its position if it moves which creates weird movement and sometimes one user doesn’t get the message that the other user let go of a key so he walks off and then when the player clicks again it glitches back

i tie to do this but it didn’t work (you would be glitched into roofs and some other objects)

Screenshot 2021-05-11 1.10.26 PM

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I added this it keeps it from roof glitching (the collider is only for colliding from the top)

Screenshot 2021-05-11 1.15.34 PM

It keeps it from glitching but this doesn’t solve the issue fully it is still really buggy

Have you tried share blocks?


player 1 and player 2 are the same object rn so the shared block wouldn’t work right?

Wellllll after a long time trying to fix it share blocks dont really help

it will work well if i can figure out which player object is the current player

I think I have a idea. Not sure if it will work…

Take the “count” output of a ‘playerCount’ and put it to a “set” on a number. Then take a timer with the input connected with the “count” of the ‘PlayerCount.’ And set the timer to 15. Then put the out of the timer to the “get” of the ‘number’. Then take the output of the number to a “in” on a ‘switch’ and turn it on, and then put the output of the switch back around to the “off” of the switch. Then take the output and use it as a player count. Then you can take the output of the switch to a “set” on a new number. And whenever you want the player number, just add something to the “get”!

Anyways, this should make it so it gives it a few moments to assign a player. I thought that because it takes a few seconds for it to realize theirs two players. The problem is it has to be a few seconds then the count could work. If it does not work right, then add more/less to the timer. If less does not work, then use more seconds, and vice versa.



I will try this but first i need an object to become a player object i cant do it myself because i dont have paid version

I asked someone to put it as a player object but he wont :’(
(i asked him yesterday so it should be soon)