Send your game and I'll check it out!

I know there are other (better) people to review your game, but if you need more reviews on your game I’m happy to help. Send your game and I’ll mark you on
Mechanics: what makes your games good or different!
Graphics and sound: does your games make people’s eye hurt or is it a real masterpiece!
The Nitty gritty: how is your game put together? Does it have menus, interesting physics etc…
Each of these are out of 5 stars (plus half stars so basically out of 10) anyway I’m excited to see your games.

In the morning can ya review mine?

@MagmaDude100 yeah

Go for it:


Ok @MagmaDude100 here’s what I think:
the idea is fresh, I personally like this game it’s cute, interesting and pretty well done. some things to consider, it’s a little hard to get through door sometimes maybe make the character a little smaller so there is some more wiggle room. most of the “Zamboodles” don’t seem really interested in me, so maybe make it so they want to attack you when you get close to them. I like the ability to swap weapons that was done well (although the pistol was buggy) also the shadow on the cacti was a nice touch. (i wish other blocks had shadows too) all and all good, but needs a little work.
Mechanics: 3.5/5 there was not too many things but what was there was done pretty good.
Graphics and sound: 3/5 this was not the strongest part of the game, but it was clear you tried.
The Nitty gritty: 4.5/5 there was a menu as well as some links and even a help button which was awesome it didn’t need more than that!

TOTAL: 3.6/5 or 7.2/10

Thanks man, your review has been added to the description of the game
Keep in mind I havent built an ending yet and its still beta

Can you review my game? .3.
(it’s hard later on, careful xd)

Welp time to help another smaller reviewer get more games to review again! Here’s 2 games i made that you can review! Thanks!

Why don’t I join you @Crigence , here are two of my games @“Creeper Bones”:

A Little Evil:

A Boy in Armor:

Thanks, and good luck reviewing!

@“JR 01”
Drive is a good game! Simple in design but done with such a level of professionalism, it has loading screens, tips, a shop, this game really has it all. I really like the art style and animations it fits with the style of this game! oh, and i like how in the shop there are flow lab characters in your game a nice nod to the community. It really looks like a real game that people could pay money for and enjoy. also i like the controls and how mouse clicks and space bar both work, that’s good. Also i’m quite surprised you did this all on free edition! ok now to the score:
Mechanics: simple randomly generated obstacle you jump over while slowly going faster, not the most original but who am I to jude, it’s done really well. 4/5
Graphics and sound: music you can change, yay! 4/5
(nitty gritty is now menus) Menus: actually perfect, pause, restart, home, music, shops, credits, and studio animation at the start. nicely done! 5/5

Totals: 4.3/5 or 8.6/10

sorry my reviews come out slow, im doing it in order of submission.

That’s good!

We humans can wait.

yeah, thanks for understanding!

oh yeah yours is next…

Thanks @“Creeper Bones” ,
Glad you like the game! It’s been a good process getting it where I want it.
Allot of work has been put in the game and I’m glad it shows.
The game is almost complete and I only need a few more updates until it’s ready for the app store.
It’s planned to be a free app store game… with a few ads.

If you played it today, you’ll notice that it’s not the main character. The shop is also disabled at the moment to show off the new character for @todorrobot. If you want to try it without the cheat, let me know and I’ll return the game back to be played properly.

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Lol thnks

It’s a puzzle game

I did play it today it’s has that zombie surfer. good job on the animation! (just got a high score: 2056)