Seperate Level Cameras?

I want to make it so that the camera follows the player differently based on what level he’s in. I dont want the camera to follow him too far to one direction in the first level, but I want it to do that in the next level. is this possible

The simplest way would probably to just make a different character object for each level. You could have a single “player logic” object that you add all the logic to, and just create a unique player object per level that has the “player logic” object as its parent.

This way you could add the camera to each player object, one per level. Does that make sense?

I’d just turn off auto scroll and have x y position move the camera. Then there are no boundaries for where the camera stops. If I want a level to end, I could just put a proximity radar that turns off camera movement and one that turns it back on. This is the hard way to do it, but this is how Sonic games freeze the camera for Eggman battles.

Id just have a bunch of objects that follows the player, and each one has its own behavior

Do you mean a Split screen or what they said?

@nkbulider He meant that instead of having a camera behaviour on player it would exist an object that follows the player (with the camera behaviour) for each level

ooh ok