Serious editor issues

I’m having some huge problems with the new editor. Behaviors will sporadically decide it doesn’t want to work and open the options menu when I drag a bit of logic, but close it when I move to the menu. Also the logic will disappear, leaving its connections but otherwise completely untouchable. After wrestling with this for a minute or so, the logic will spontaneously delete. It also does this with bundles. When I click on the bundle, instead of giving me the option to open it grabs a piece of my logic from within the bundle and then deletes itself. The weirdest thing is, this is on my player character so even though the movement bundle deleted itself, my character was still controllable in play-testing, though the speed and power was way too high. I tried replacing the bundle and the PC still went too fast. I deleted the bundle and PC was still controllable. I’m super confused.
I’ve lost hours of work and want to know if anyone else is having this problem.

what really?! Boy that’s the worst bug I’ve ever seen :scream:
It didn’t influence my game, and I hope not, maybe it’s something in your computer?
If he was still controllable without the bundle, maybe there’s one hidden far away. Those are sometimes really hard to find. Otherwise, I have no clue how that happened

Is this something that you know how to reproduce? Has it happened than once?

Post a link to the game and let me know what object was affected, and I’ll check to see if the behaviors are still there, but possibly out of view for some reason.