Serious update issue

Smash-Reset is suffering from collision malfunctions, rendering the game unplayable. Survival nightmare’s controls and hitboxes severely downgraded the game and 3000 apocalypse’s checkpoints don’t work at all!
@Grazer these “recent” upgrades have actually polluted half of my games (and many other older games by others as well), PLEASE make it so that these are fixed during the next update without causing any more game breaking bugs.
-In “smash reset” the collisions for the players trigger infinitely, even though I have the other object be destroyed when this occurs. If the objects (attacks) are not solid, that happens.
-Survival nightmare= the player controls are more limited than they used to be. Sometimes he can’t go diagonally. Also, the giant walls with spikes/electric power lines on lv3’s hitboxes are messed up and they get stuck.

I want to update these but can’t because of the bugs :neutral:

the object not saving for collision is still there. Will this be fixed anytime soon? This has been hovering ignored for soooo long :confused:

Try replacing the collisions because they’re working fine with me

refreshing the page nullifies everything, no matter what game. If it still works for you, idk what this is :frowning: