Set animation for animation blocks

I think a “set animation” for animation blocks would be helpful so we don’t have to have thousands of animations for skins, with the set animation it would set an animation through first to last on the animation dropdown in the edit sprite area. So you would put in a number it would find the animation that matches up and apply it to the animation block.


I don’t fully understand what you mean, but if you’re talking about animations in one animation, it can already be done. There is a way to assign numbers to animation frames and do stuff with them using Logic & Math, although I do not know how to perform this task.

What don’t you get, I would like it to set (like in numbers/globals) to the animation in the animation menu

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This would be helpful.

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I think the reason you want this is so you can have one block be multiple things. I already do this in all of my games to save on blocks, it’s really simple to do.

I would recommend using the example in the 2nd level.

Rereading your topic I think I understand it more. You basically want the “Go to” input, but for choosing animations so you don’t have to use multiple animation behaviors.


Yes, because it gets messy when you have so many animation blocks and wires and switches


Can we still get this at some point? @grazer it would be extremely helpful.


maybe animation bundles?