Settings height display problems

The user interface and game world heights seem to be misaligned. This has only started happening today. I’m trying to workout if I’ve done something or if the problem is flowlabs end? Someone please help. @grazer

Game link -

Screenshot 2019-12-04 at 17.54.37Screenshot 2019-12-04 at 17.54.05

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It’s a problem on flowlab’s end, the display is 44 pixels smaller than what it should be vertically, just add 22 to the y value of all U.I. at the top, and subtract 22 from the y value of all U.I. at the bottom, this should fix the problem for the U.I., for the game itself, just make the height of the level 2 cubes larger, move everything one cube down, and fill in the top row, and bottom row with a new object, and color it entirely white.
Note: This could also be caused by a glitch on the browser you are using.

Yeah, generally on my laptop Google chrome seems to work best.