Shade - Flowjam 2023

Really only made so I can vote.

My record is 13:20.
Info in desc.


All the titles of this theme are vague and mysterious i.e:shade, hidden, beyond the glass, hide, nullspace, inheritance, soul siphon


and then Gamougg just straight up tells you what to do (explore the hidden worlds). This Flowjam’s titles are like the villains in the game Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. All of them are vague and mysterious, except Sundowner, who is a straight up warmonger. The Flowjam games this time around are Armstrong, Sam, Mistral, Monsoon, etc. but Taile Gamougg Explorider is Sundowner.


What if you made a physical copy of this game, then you’d be “throwing shade” at people quite literally

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