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Hey guys, i just wanted to announce that I might be quitting flowlab and I know i have said this before, i’m also not completely sure yet, this is not my final decision and I might still make games on here but I came to this conclusion because of my experiences. I personally believe that I will never be as good as @Samuel_PixelPizza or @JR01 or anyone else, I will always need help with everything or I will start a game but never finish it or continue working on it or just scrap it altogether and I remember the one game Team Super Blocky Racing that I almost completed, barely anyone cared to even try it out, plus I have to deal with college level work now so that’s another thing, I just hope, I can finally finish at least one game, and get noticed for my hard work.


it’s okay dude, the games i make a probably way worse than yours and not being able to finish projects is completely normal, those projects still made you better so one day you could make an amazing masterpiece that you do finish, oh and also about the college stuff, it’s best to focus on schoolwork, so i think having a break from flowlab would be the best decision, instead of quitting it all together!


to be honest i also think i’l never be anywhere good as even bmarzi or glowbug, but i’l still try!


There’s a lot of great games on here that don’t get much attention. That isn’t your fault, but flowlab is a relatively small community. There aren’t a lot of active members and a whole lot less on the forums.
I just use flowlab to make a decent game hoping to export at some point. I know on itch or steam, you will probably get more players than on here.


based I agree

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I think I understand where you are coming from. But there’s no need to compare yourself to others. I joined flowlab a long time ago, which means I had a long way to creating my fair share of “ok games” before I achieved something close to a good game.
Good things take time, and just because life gets in the way sometimes, it doesn’t mean we can’t just come back when we can.

My first games weren’t the best on flowlab either, but that doesn’t mean I couldn’t practice becoming better. (Screenshot from my 2014/2015 “arcade blog”)

Either way, don’t feel down for not being able to achieve more, be happy for what you’ve done already :slight_smile:
Hopefully, we will still see you around when you are freer :+1:


You guys comments has really changed my mind and made me feel better, and I’m going to now make a promise to myself that even though obsticles may come my way, I can’t let that stop me from achieving my goals, I have to keep pushing through, learn from my mistakes, and I will eventually succeed. I can only get better, not worse. You guys are such a supporting, kind, helpful, welcoming community, and I hope it stays this way. Thanks you guys.


That is a great way of thinking (=


degan?!?! is that you?

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Do not revive dead topics.

sorry, i know somebody who often goes by shadow gaming