Shift click select?

@grazer is there a way to add a “shift click select” to select multiple blocks to move in the behaviors interface? I get sort of particular about the arrangement of my blocks and while I like the “drag select” option to select/copy chunks of code, when I paste them, I sometimes don’t have a single node to select to carry the whole thing in one swoop. If I could hold shift and click the specific boxes I wanted to move so I could move them all at once that would be super! (Also It would be cool to have a “delete” option in the group select menu instead of just “cut.” Sometimes I want to delete code without overwriting the “paste” saved in copy/paste land. Not sure if any of this makes sense or is possible but I’m knee deep in code and am feeling some UI limitations.

Hey, the delete option would be pretty simple - I only left it out to keep the menu uncluttered, it didn’t occur to me that you might want to delete a group of blocks without overwriting what’s in the clipboard. It makes perfect sense though.

The shift select/drag option might be a bit trickier, but I’ll make a ticket and see how much work it will be,