Shifter Pre-Alpha Test Time Challenge

I’m starting all over, Diamondsion Assault was completely corrupted. I did manage to sort of fix it, but not enough. For those of you that don’t know, I’m working on a Manga called Shifter, so I figured “Why not make a game for it, before the Diamondsion Assault timeline?” Currently I’m using some ripped and edited sprites of Sasuke I made specifically to test the motions of the game. I will be creating all my own sprites, so there won’t be any copyright issues. I just needed a base sprite to see how I want to make my characters look this time. So far I’ve made sprite sheets modeled after RPG Cloud style, a custom Link sprite set style, Metal Slug style, Zero Suit Samus style, and now Sasuke style.

It’s extremely buggy on Android. Can’t click 2 buttons at once, frame skipping,
constant crashing. Until then, play it here, on

Controls: Up, Left, Right, (S) Run, (A) Grind

Here’s a challenge for all of you. How fast can you get to the light pad?
I got there in 13 seconds. I almost got 12, so close… Can you at least beat 25 seconds?
The pad will stop the timer so you can use [prt sc] to screenshot and upload the screenshot to then crop it, and paste the link!

I can’t get to the light pad period. I guess I just suck at video games :frowning:

@grazer are you holding S to run, and wall kicking? When sliding on walls, spam up to quick kick, or tap the opposite direction with up and then turn back to the wall. Isn’t air steering great? Video games have no logic with gravity. You can’t turn around mid air in real life lol. I wish, though.

Nice, I almost got 13 but I missed the pad and got 14 seconds.
Still extremely good. The course was made to take 30 seconds.

oops, no I was trying to wait for the “S” to recharge between uses - clearly not a winning strategy.

I see, well hold S down to run. I also added in the Diamond Shards just now. Still working on some newer sprites. This game looks much better than my last ones.
I just shaved off another second of my record. Now it’s 13 seconds.

Added Grinding! Hold A to grind on rails.

i once pulled off non air steering… had to do with switches shutting off the key imputs until you hit the ground… but it was choppy

Sweet grinding! making a wall jump is easy… just how would the animations work???

WHAT i cant really do is beat my dash game… that and lazer hockey