Shifter v3 Engine Test

EDITED 9/14/17 @ 1:26


Shifter is a game about two meta-androids that use abilities they learned from games and other media as a sort of 4th wall breaking research parody, that pays respects to so many popular platformers, and will give you the ultimate 2D gaming experience, with lots of moves inspired by games you know and love, tons of power ups and secrets, animated cutscenes, challenging boss battles, and a massive metroidvania open world, with speed zones in between areas. It’s built with the intention of fair use, using no names or characters from other media, but rather copyright-safe parodies of them, like (That robot chick, the fat red guy, or that blue dude with the shoes.)
Maybe not in flowlab, but if a coder makes the game from scratch, it will have online co-op, story mode, and custom character story.

[spoiler] Up = Nothing right now
Down = Crouch (Currently disabled)
Left/Right = Walk/Run/Sprint/Dash
S = Jump
D = Boost/Glide

*Run past a flag to make it wobble. Just did that for fun. The map is 300 tiles long, and the flags mark every 50 tiles.
*Holding left or right long enough will boost your speed infinitely. It’s a physics engine, so there is no magical air steering like most games. Once you jump, you jump. You can slow down a bit mid air, but you’re not turning around. That’s how jumping works in real life. (Set to jump basic in Debug Mode)
*Jump (S) from the third flag while running at full speed to clear a massive gap.
*Falling off the road will reset the stage.
*Sometimes, when you land from a jump, or stop running, you will crouch and slide on the ground to slow down. Might have fall damage at some point, and a combat roll to stop you from taking high fall damage, not sure. Maybe I’ll add a slide attack.
*Holding (D) will do a boost/glide, which is sort of like a faster Knuckles glide. It could help you if you almost fall off the road. Works on the ground, too.
*Holding down will crouch and cloak you, which makes you invincible to enemies as they pass by, but there are none at the moment. If you press down while midair, you will slam down onto the ground, and grip it, preventing you from flying way past a platform and off the road. It’s very useful as it, but I’ll eventually make it an attack.
*See those giant electron particles? You can collect them if you’re bored, but if you get close enough to one, they react to you. Pressing S while one is spinning will teleport you to it, if you are in range. If you stay out of range for a bit, it goes back to normal. You can chain teleports as long as you keep tapping S in front of electron particles. Unfortunately, flowlab lags the extracted locations, and you might constantly teleport around the map at random coordinates. I can’t seem to fix this. Might try a work around.
(Disabled in Debug Mode, will add back in with more complicated logic, so it works better)
Shifter v3 Physics Test (Debug Mode)

[spoiler] The game is currently in debug mode. I realized I made the mistake of using keys for controls, instead of numbers.
Using numbers and filters, I can much more greatly customize the controls, for example:

You may notice that the top left number is at 100 when on the ground. See, generally, at least for me, jumping gets stuck.
I can use 100 for enabling jump, and when I am at 0, I am in the air. There is no tag for “in the air”, there is only “collision bottom” for ground.
I can set 100 for ground, 200 for water, and 300 for ice sliding, maybe even 400 for slow movement, like mud or something.
If I have up=1 right=2 left=4 down=8 s=jump=20 and d=boost/glide=40, I can set 120 for jump, 220 for swim up, 320 for jump forward, and 420 for low jump.
I can also use regular 20 (jump while already in the air) as a double jump or homing attack.
This can be used further as say up down left and right while in the air move differently than on the ground, or swimming under water.
Setting up a debug mode allows me to watch my numbers as I play, so I know if something is going wrong. I deleted everything and I’m starting over.
An advanced mechanics system is complicated, but unlike normal key commands, it is completely impossible for animations and buttons to mess up.
This will also 100% guarantee that any future flowlab updates will never mess up my games, because I can just turn on debug mode to find what is not working right.

Again, I won’t be working on this much once I can go back home, but until the power comes back on from the hurricane, I have nothing to do.
I’ll definitely be working on flowlab logic once I move into my new house mid-next month. It was delayed due to hurricane damage.
If any of you flowlab savvy users would like to use this advanced mechanics game logic, I encourage it.
Keep up on my updates so you can see how the logic works and evolves. I will try to keep my wires as clean as possible, in fact, I’ll be making every variable wireless, so I can send the filtered numbers through messages as tags for other bundles, like (greater than 199, less than 299) = begin countdown for drowning, or not able to kill enemies by jumping on them, or even something like (less than 100) = double damage, because you’re in the air, or have the second number (notice that it does negative numbers for jumping and positive numbers for falling) if (less than 40 [because 40 will be flight when not on the ground]) + (fall number is over 20) = take fall damage.
This advanced mechanics engine is extremely powerful, and you can build some seriously complicated games with it, that you otherwise would never be able to do with on/off switches and normal button keys. Plus, you can set touch screen GUI buttons to be numbers as well, for mobile games.
If you like it, you can always put me under SPECIAL THANKS in your credits, if you release your games on the app store :wink:

Feel free to make a tutorial if you fully understand the logic, as once I build out of the debug mode, it will be gone.
Shifter v3 Physics Test (Debug Mode) [/spoiler]

[spoiler] I added temporary controls, so you can still enjoy the engine while I rebuild it.
I also added something that has never been done in a game before, landing sprites.
Hitting the ground at a low fall will do a simple crouch.
Landing from a high fall will do a low crouch and stand up.
When you jump, you will bend your knees first. I may add Mario Bros/Super Mario Land “hold down to super jump” later on.
Boosting will switch to jump mid-air, then slide on the ground.
Running for a bit will cause you to slide when you stop, but you won’t slide from walking.
These high, low fall/jump/slide sprites will be much much much more fluid if I ever make a detailed sprite sheet.
All these sprites are temporary. The full game will have fall damage, and you will want to hit the jump button when you land to combat roll, or hit the boost button when you land to roll into a spindash then highspeed burst run, without having to start by walking into the run. Better timing would give more speed. Doing it on a hill will do a roll down it, that damages enemies. Max speed burst run also kills small enemies, so perfect landings from high falls will reward you with that invincibility until you stop running. I may even add shinespark from Metroid, so if you crouch mid-run, you will be glowing and can use that energy to burst the opposite direction, or jump very high.

everyone here lives in Florida lol

It’s pretty cool. I like the engine. Wait… an engine in an engine!? ENGINECEPTION

As far as my canon goes, Sam has telekinesis, but can only affect his body. But it’s not strong enough to fight gravity, so he still falls.
That being said, crystal doesn’t have that ability, and I should probably use that jump mechanic.

I gotta get back to working on crystal storm.

Wow, I’m dumb. I can’t believe I spent all that time building the engine wrong. I may as well start over. I have so many exceptions, gates, switches, and cancelations making the game super buggy. I should have used the advanced controls system I made last year.

No buttons = 0
Up = 1
Right = 2
Left = 5
Down = 9


Jump = 20
Dash = 40
Teleport = 80

No button combinations could ever mix together and cause problems. Using equation logic with filters instead of key presses means I can’t crouch and jump at the same time, so animations won’t mess up. I also can’t crouch and fly at the same time, or jump and fly, so I would be able to use up and down for free flight movement.

Sometimes you never realize something until you already messed up badly. Oh well.

May I make a correction?

It’s actually
1, 2, 4, 8

While the combinations are

3, 5, 9, and 10

I guess what you just listed works too; but that’s what I’ve been using for SB 1-3

You’re right. My memory is a bit poor, but it’s great to hear it works for you. I might remake the engine tonight.

Added a huge chunk of text explaining why I trashed the game and rebuilt it in debug mode.
Also listed what is new or changed, at the bottom.