Shoot The Squares To Win But Don't Forget About Reloading

Play my new game
What are some different enemy variations I should add?


  • Don’t spam click

pretty fun, pretty hard

just spent a few hours adding things including

  • A save feature
  • A wave counter
  • 4 new waves (there are nine now)

Added more things

  • 2 abilities that can be used once each wave
  • 4 new waves (13 in total)
  • Fixed all of the bugs I know about except for one

I need help with a bug. On wave 5, the brown enemies don’t do any damage to your health, but when I add the enemy in manually it does. I don’t know if it’s just my computer or there’s something else wrong

I like it!!! I think if you gave the squares or the background some ‘personality’, I think it’d make the game a little less vulnerable to first assumptions of being a basic and bad game. Because it’s great! But if you make a cool background or turn the squares into more than just squares, maybe it’ll be less of a basic gaming experience.