for some reason, on my second level, when i pick up the bullet, it doesn’t shoot. But in the first level, it does work?! Can somebody explain and help me please?. This is my game (it’s unfinished).

I haven’t looked at it, but are you using proximity or something? Different levels have different object numbers for each cloned object. If you were to detect the player on level 1, they would have a different object number for each clone of it on each level. Same for all objects. Collision doesn’t demand a specific tag, so if you’re using proximity instead of collision, switch.

Otherwise Idk why, because I haven’t looked into it.

Proximity is multi-level

Its extract you gotta watch out for

Did proximity get fixed? Idk why I remember it requiring an object name and object type. Might be thinking of something else, or from 4 years ago, Idk. I don’t make enough games to keep up with the updates. Extract though for sure, but I’m trying to imagine why this user has the same objects not work the same on each level. Maybe it was extract I was thinking of, not proximity.

but where do you suggest I add the proximity and to what?

Oh, we aren’t suggesting you have proximity, we were just trying to speculate what could be the cause of the problem, without looking too deep into the game. Personally, I almost never have my laptop in front of me, and it’s really hard to use flowlab on my phone, so I can’t personally investigate what the game issue could be for you. I was just making a guess. I’m probably only on my computer once or twice a month, so somebody else would have to actually look into your game for you if you can’t figure it out. I was suggesting things that I slightly recall requiring both object name and object tag since they give me trouble on different levels. However, I don’t know what your specific reason could be without searching through all the wiring.