I have an open world game i am working on with an overhead view. How can i program an attack in each direction that my character faces? i can do left and right or up and down but not all four. If you know how or have suggestions I could use the Help. Not looking for all directions at once just the directions that he is currently moving towards.

Maybe a link to your game would help to visualize the problem?

Not sure that I want to share it just yet. Do you at least under stand the concept I am describing? How do you send a projectile up or down without changing the forward facing direction of the object?

Well, you could send a projectile in an arbitrary direction by creating a “gun” object, and using an attacher to attach it your player. Then the gun can point any arbitrary direction, while the player is free to move another direction. The gun object could be invisible if desired, so that it appears that your player is emitting the projectile directly.

okay makes sense. When you say arbitrary do you mean that he wouldn’t have direct
control over where he shoots?

When I said arbitrary, I meant in any direction you want - not locked to the players direction.

okay cool. got it working thanks for your help. Do you know how to change the position of a score counter on the screen? when i put in the score counter it is always right in the middle. I want to move it off to the side where it can be visible but not in the way.