Shooting when the mouse is clicked

We love this game :

How does this programmer have the tank shoot when the mouse is clicked ANYWHERE in the game board? Right now we have a game that shoots only if we click ON the tank / spaceship.


The menu for the mouseclick has the checkbox for click anywhere

Thank you, that worked! Trying to teach my 7 year old son a little programming :slight_smile:

Happy to help! Tell me if you need anything else :mrgreen:

Also, thanks for liking my game! Hoping to finish it soon.

yeah my dad taught me too!

Im self taught

My dad helps me with real coding like javascript not this.

Self taught

I know GMX, HTML, some JAVA, and microblast

Microblast is my own OS im making

And its working pretty well…

Self Taught as well @jngthree
I do take Technology Education in school though…

Hello again, we have another question. How do you have your tank shoot out of the barrel of the gun?

Hello cak,

What do you mean? The projectiles are just being emitted from the center of the tank object.

This is my game i just learned to fire by reading this
fire with the spacebar