Shop Help maybe bugs in it [SOLVED]

@JR01 may you please help me with your shop example? I modified the code for my game but there were some bugs such as me not being able to change skins after unlocking them all and how the skin would reset to default if I completed the level but if I pressed Escape twice really fast it would save and display the correct skin. I’ll PM you the link to the game if you want or need it because I don’t want anybody else to play it yet.


A link to your shop would be nice. You can PM it to me if you want.

EDIT: Never mind, I have to go and I probably won’t have time to help. Sorry!

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It seems to work fine in my example, could you leave a link to your game?
Most of this depends on Save behavior names and filters, so something important may have broke while editing the code.


It doesnt work because you can only have 1 mouseclick behavior for clicking that object right now.
I suggest using the bundle that you have for special effects to be used to click instead.



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