Should I change my game size?

My current game is at a ratio of 10:14 and a phone screen ratio is 10:16 (actually 9:16 but the game is fixed for 10)

Should I re-adjust the game for a more fitting screen size?
Or is it not a big deal for how it is now?

For 10:16, I would need to:

  • Re-adjust the spawns to spawn just off screen
  • Move all buttons on the right to the right
  • Adjust and change behaviors in the shop to work with the new size
  • Re-center everything in the center (text, title, etc.)
  • Adjust full screen sprites (Logo and Credits)

What do y’all think, any feedback would help!
Thoughts @grazer?

The game is nearly complete, any feedback would be great!
DRIVE: Flowlab Game Creator - DRIVE alpha

The most annoying part would be to reconfigure the shop,
but if it would be better on mobiles devices, I would.

Honestly, not trying to seem lazy @“JR 01” , but I would leave it how it is. It is a very small detail that many will not notice, and such a small thing shouldn’t have to require so much of the work, that could possibly mess with your game. You can do whatever you want, but I suggest you would leave it.

Yeah, it’s just that I’m planning to shoot this into the app store when I’m done
and I don’t fully know how it will look on a mobile device. If the aspect ratio isn’t that bad, I’ll just leave it.

I need more opinions on this…
What do ya’ll think @CrimsonBlackGames, @meburningslime, and @browngr?

My recommendation is to clone the game and make a beta and alpha version. Up to what I know, it doesn’t cost more money to post more games.

@meburningslime, I need the indie account to copy and make more games…

Hey, @JR 01, thanks for asking me for advice, it makes me feel great. But anyway, if you look at Fallout Anarchy, I take the highest precautions to make my game as great as possible. Do whatever you feel is comfortable to you, but personally, I recommend perfecting it to the point where you feel as if there are little to no flaws. It can be frustrating, but it’s all about the player’s experience. (=
Oh, and can I have a link to the game please?

Oops @browngr, I can’t believe a posted without a link to the game. It’s the game DRIVE, I’ll have it in the main post by the time you see this comment.

And thanks for the comment, feedback on this topic will really help on what I should do next. The only other thing I’m now doing is just figuring out characters to add to the game, so not much work has been in the game recently.
I can read adjust the game to get it where I want it, It’s just I don’t know how the different view will be and is worth the effort for the change. If 10:16 will help fit the phone screen better for the player than the 10:14, I will do it. I just don’t know how well it will fit the screen.

It all depends on you and the player’s satisfaction.

Yeah @browngr, the ratio isn’t going to be perfect either way but longer may look better than taller?.. IDK. I just wish I had more insight of this and how much of an impact / improvment this will cause.

In my experience, taller makes for better gameplay but longer looks better.

Exactly what I was thinking @meburningslime,
and longer can also help gameplay to see what’s coming up sooner (horizontally).

This is what I mean that the more opinions, the greater the outcome :lol:

Yeah @rcreger, I think I’m gonna end up doing it anyway :lol:.
If I do, I may try to live streaming it. I want to try make some tutorial videos and live streams making a few games on Flowlab :bleep_bloop:. Preferably after the release of DRIVE to fallback on or proof I know what I’m doing.

flowLab actually needs more tutorial videos. When I first got on here, even with the featured ones, I was still quite lost :lol:

Yeah, @rcreger you should see the first game I made on here :lol:

Do you still have it on here @“JR 01” ? I want to actually try it now :lol:

Yeah @rcreger, its on an old account I made in 2014. I keep it around to see how far I’ve come.

Here it is: