Should I delete this hopeless game?


Most of you know of the terrible game I made for my first Flowjam. It was horrendous and was one of my messiest games, if not the messiest. It involves a massive amount of now useless code that doesn’t work. I ended up deleting one of the objects because it was just a waste of time to try to fix. (The barrier object).

I was planning on re-doing the game completely, but that would take too much time, much more than just deleting it and making a new one.

With Booster Jam II and Vironia to work on, I have no time for fixing failure games like this. I’m also going to try a game on UE after the first Vironia game is done, which will mean even less time.

Plus, the game is nearly exactly the same as my Vironia Campaign, just worse. There really sin’t much of a point in keeping it.
I made this topic mainly to ask if I should or shouldn’t delete Elemental Kingdoms, but I’ll probably delete it anyway.

What do you think? The game is hardly playable.

Should I delete it? (Be honest)
  • Yeah, this game was downright bad
  • Yes, but it was decent
  • No, it was great
  • No, but it wasn’t the best

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yea i would agree :grimacing:

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It’s all bugs. Too much code, too little functionality.

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I would say yes but only because it’s so laggy, it refuses to load up on my computer.

You could try and fix it but I don’t know if it’s worth the effort and time you would have to put into it. . .

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I don’t think it’s a good idea to delete your old games. It can remind you of how much you’ve grown and the progress you made from when you first started. Take these 2 games for example.

This is the first functional game I made on flowlab: Flowlab Game Creator - Super Blocky Racing

Vs the current game I have now: Flowlab Game Creator - Unleash

Big difference right? I learned from the mistakes and grew from them just by looking back at past games and improving the code, which ultimately allowed me to come up with more complex code. So don’t delete it, use it as inspiration for improvement.


I agree, don’t delete games unless you have a free account and it is for storage. Otherwise, keep everything, there’s no harm in keeping things.


Like what DinoDev said, not every game will be perfect and some will be far from perfect, but it’s always great to keep a log of every game you’ve made.

I actually wished I kept all of my older games just to see how far I’ve progressed since my 4-5? years I’ve been on here.

It’s not if they were bad or didn’t meet your expectation, but you learned from it on how to improve future games. Every game I made, I only learned how to make it better in the next. Sometimes restoring games completely can be a waste of time, but if you have a solid or neat concept, it wouldn’t hurt to see how you can evolve your original concepts to your modern knowledge.

I did that with my Ball Bounce Simulator which I completely redid for some game jam someone hosted on here and I think I won? It’s been a while so I don’t remember.
But it allowed me to implement improved features that I don’t normally work with and it greatly helped with my knowledge now.

I understand if you need the space or you don’t have time to fix the mistakes, but it’s always good to see the path you’ve made.


That’s what my sister tells me, but that game is barely even playable.

That’s a bit different. That game is pretty good and fun to play.

Yeah, but what’ll I do for the next game jam then? I don’t have any more game space.

I don’t exactly need space at the moment, but I will. It’s just an eyesore in my game library.