Should I leave?

Hello and thank you for reading this. I have made many enemies and few friends in the flowlab forum. I’ll get straight to the point: should I leave? I have nowhere else other than this forum to go to, but I’m sure @Crigence @“Daniel Folston” and @Latif would love for me to die. So, I’m asking: am i leaving flowlab?

No, don’t leave. I don’t even hate you.

Ya sure?? It seemed you did.

What are you like 12? honestly, dumb attention seeking posts man, Do games ,that’s why we’re here.

I take that as leave.

And most of us are around 12.

Thank you @Latif for clearing it up! I’m sorry for spamming too.

Nah I’m 16. CrimsonBlackGames has the same age (literally one day younger than me). Lots of people I know from this forum aren’t really active anymore, they weren’t around 12 as well. Sad to see people go.

Grazer is 43 or 44, it was a while ago when he told us his age.

15 here guys. My sister had said that @grazer was a bot controlled by a mass of people. I always thought it was one person controlling the server. Is that true? (Just curious, because I thought it was an interesting question)


Nah man, don’t leave

plus, harsh comment @“Daniel Folston” just because someone is young doesn’t make their post dumb, yes the forums are genrally meant for games, but that don’t stop people from becoming friends through them…The forums are meant to be a nice happy space, which means no negativity Daniel

Thx @MagmaDude100! Ill think ill srick around for a while. :wink:
And grazer is 1 man lol

@rcreger Grazer is the owner of flowlab. He is one person lol, trust me. Yes you would think there’s a team that works on flowlab, but Grazer is the only one. He makes new updates, controls the server etc.

Hes the best! :wink:

I’m getting old here,
and I started flowlab at 2014…

Thanks for letting me know @Latif !

I started 2016…

After the middle of 2018

I started at like the beginning of September 2018

So you are having the same mindset @personman as @“Daniel Folston” ? I have to say, it is not a great social road to be walking on. We barely even see Daniel on here anymore, and most times it is to tell off us, which I don’t know why, and I’d wish he’d give us an answer for this, as I’m sure @Crigence @meburningslime and I would like to know, as we have all experienced this.