Showing Score/collisions between momentary objects

I’m making a catch/avoid space shooter game based on games I’ve designed in Adobe Animate. I’ve nearly got it nailed.
One of two problems I’ve got right now is that I need a way to show and update score when a “shot” hits an “enemy”. They enemies are dynamically created and last only as long as the time they pass across the screen. Same with shots. Because of this, neither can create or update the label that contains the score.
The player is always present, so the lives display is in logic blocks for player. But because the collisions don’t involve the player, I can’t really use logic blocks in Player to update score. Or can I?
Here’s the game.

So you just need to figure out how to make a scoreboard, not hard.
Learning what the Message and Mailbox behaviors would really help here.
So here are some screen shots and hope you learn these behaviors and do more with them.




Also when you die, the lives show -1.
You can fix this by making a total that you can add to (similar to the ScoreBG).


Thanks! That worked perfectly. I appreciate the help!