Sick Burn Me and Expect A Reply

The king does have a brain

What king, the king of garbage?

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No the castle

king of your family

yeah, the castle of garbage

yeah, and he doesn’t exist

The castle of yo mama.

You know what? I think this should stop. It has nothing to do with Flowlab, and my best jokes are unusable because you’re probably too young for them.

Well, I’m fine with any joke, seriously, I’ve taken the WORST JOKE EVER. I hate it.

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he said that

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I’ve just about run out of kid-friendly jokes, therefore this conversation has to stop.

no, I’m fine with what you have to say

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seriously, I am, or I wouldn’t have made this

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Yeah but your parents and Flowlab probably won’t be

or your just to scared to lose?

nah I’m serious

No offense, but saying that everything he relates to is the ___ of garbage is not a very good roast, it really doesn’t do anything to hurt them. To win roast battles you got to get personal, and neither of you did. The whole point is to make the other person feel bad…