Silence: Devlog!


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Unless I’ve played this game before and I killed 11 monsters and It saved. . .
I mean I recognize this game.

Did you get to the boss fight? Actually it’s more like boss chase.

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Ohhhh yeah I got there first time I played and I died.

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Are you still playing the game?

Nooo, you said you were fixing something.

You said you would after I fixed the thing :thinking:

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I’m talking about pug’s problem. :joy:

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Oh yeah sure that’s a easy fix.

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So do I need to play until I beat the boss chase or until I get there?

@Beheaded_man make the attack have more range

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Until the cave level.

Use dash to get out of the way of the monster’s attack; if that’s your problem?


There is a point of dash/dodge.

i know, i wish dash was bound to j and attack was bound to k

I fixed the bug! You can play now!

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That makes no utter sense.

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That’s what I’m talking about.