Simple flashlight example

I was recently talking to some of the users about how a flashlight would work in flowlab, so I spent a couple minutes to make a quick example. Maybe someone is making a spooky game, which this would have been good during Halloween. If anyone was wondering how to make a flashlight, here you go.

Oh nice! I’ll add this one to the help > examples page, thanks

I knew you made it in the UI but I wasn’t expecting the object to be bigger than the game window.

So would we always need to change the game size to make an object bigger than the game screen @“Mhx Ar” @grazer? Or can the sprite size in the editor not be limited to the screen size?

I assume that you could make a smaller object and scale it up using a Scale block in the behaviors probably. This might make the edges blurry, but that’s probably not a problem here.

u could make a magnifying glass

I am not sure how a magnifying glass could be made here in Flowlab, but I have seen people to cool things in this platform, so I guess it could be possible.