(simple) I want the enemy to follow the player (enemy = zombie)

Thanks for checking this out…
currently making a 2d zombie survival game (I am still learning)
I want the enemy following the player all time and if the enemy touches the player, the enemy goes away and the player turns into a zombie
I can draw the animations and stuff but I need like an explanation or a demo game or something or just the code

zombie chases player I don’t care if you copy

What do you have so far? Link?

this doesn’t really matter, but when you say zombie survival game are you saying it is going to be a 2d open world type game?

here is the game link: https://flowlab.io/game/play/1335510
so you get a better preview of what I am talking about
I need the zombie following the player

Chase example:

You can also find a chase example in the help section:

Help section example:

Thanks, ‘JR 01’ your are a legend