SIMPLE idea for Grazer!

You know how we all wanted HTML5 games, so we could play them on tablets and such?

Well, why can’t you just make the flash game then once it’s done, you are able to put it through a Flash to HTML5 converter, there are some online, You could probably give credit or something.

Then we could have a wider audience.

(P.S. For free users, can they only have 50 objects in the game, or they can only make/design 50 objects?)


They can only create 50 objects, they can place as many objects as they want in the game. Also, that’s a great idea! @PixelStudios

Thank You leonknighte, I was just curious about that. Also, yes it is a good idea :smiley:

Ah Ha!
The game editing website for schools and for some people to have fun with I think is the site, Has created a Flash to HTML5 converter, they decided for anyone to use it anywhere, That’s why they put it on Github, You can use it here and give scratch credit. I’ll find a link

Here it is


There’s a contributors file, Open it up. And give credit