Simple Platformer Player Getting stuck on tiles


A very common issue I am running into is that my player gets stuck on non-existent blocks. I can see when I watch the code running in behaviour view that the inputs are being received but the sprite is not translating across the map.

Any tips on how to stop this from happening?

Thank you!

Hi, since you didn’t post a link to your game, I will have to assume that the player collision shape is getting clipped on the ground collision shape.

Here are a few things you can do:
• Change the Player collision shape to circle or capsule (recommended).
(Usually, this solves everything)

• Reduce the player friction - but then, you will also have to add a way to stop the player from moving because it will start to slide as if it was walking on ice, you can add a Key(up) > 0 > X velocity to stop player’s movement on key release.

• Make a big ground object instead of multiple single blocks.

Hope this helps and welcome to our community :smiley:

Hi Pixel Pizza,

Thanks so much for the response. I think you are correct. I will make those changes and see if it improves. Thanks again!