Simple Shaders - Example

Here’s a quick example showcasing 5 of the many new shaders! (1-5 to cycle)

Also, shaders don’t work well on bad devices.

My chromebook only plays a shock wave or glitch once before starting again and freezing.

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shaders are going to be sensitive to the type of graphics card, and also to the pixel dimensions of your game. A smaller game can process much more quickly (fewer pixels)


yeah, even in the example my computer couldn’t process it.

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Glitch in particular will be more efficient if you turn the color setting down to 0.


Got it, thanks.

I haven’t looked at the logic, but maybe double check how the shader is connected. Did you try my example as well?

I just tested all the shaders on an old chromebook here, and they all worked great.


I’ll make sure to look.

My example uses a timer turning the shockwave on every 1 second.

and the glitch just turns on when pressing the 2 key.

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1 and 2 aren’t working on my end… :confused:

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Yep, I’m working on it right now, I need to fix those.

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When I play your game, the shaders work perfectly, but if I play mine (a much smaller game mind you), it doesn’t work, and even when I used your code it doesn’t work, it just plays if you use glitch or shockwave right when you click play, but if you play either again they just freeze.

Is this happening to anyone else?

Hey @00T_Free - I’m only adding shaders one time from one object. You are adding the shaders from many objects, so they are probably interfering with each other. Try making a single object to add and control the shaders.

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I had that at first…

Then, when it wasn’t working I put it into another object.

Before, I had all the code in a “shaders” object, there was only one, it wasn’t working.

I then moved all that code to the black sprite to see if that would work, it didn’t lol