Simple Slow effect

I want a slowing effect, But I was wondering if there was an easier way to do it than setting the initial speed to the slow speed, Anyone got any ideas?
Here’s my game, for inference-

Nobody Has Any Ideas?

When the slow-motion event starts, change the speed of all objects you want to slow down, then change their velocity back again.
This way you can have better control over which objects are slower/faster. :slight_smile:

Is there a less messy way?

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Hmmm, in one of my upcoming games, there is a slow-down time mechanic, and it didn’t turn out messy.

Here’s my suggestion:
Instead of sending a message to every object you want to slow down, you could use a Global Value.

Name it “Slow motion”. When you want the game to slow-down you set its value to 1, when you want it to turn the normal velocity again set the value to 0.

Then, in the objects that you want to slow down, add this piece of logic:
slow mo
This is just an example, you can adjust the values at will. :wink:

Updating one Global block updates all global blocks with the same name.

You can read more about Global Values here: