Since When.....?

Since when did we have to put background objects in the second layer for it to even show up?? Sometimes it won’t even show because the background color is overlapping it… So you have to put your background objects above 1 for them to work now.

Could you leave a link to the game?

No, because it happens with every game I make. But for some reason only when you do a background the size of your game (ex: 320x320 for 10x10).

So your adding your own background object thats the size of your game?

Yes for the background of the scene.

So it sounds normal to me, the background that is the size of the screen needs to be on the bottom display order (which is 1). To place more background objects in front of it, you need to also change the display order that is higher than that big background object (has to be > 1). This goes for all objects in their own editor layer.

The reason you didn’t have to do this before is because you would control the background color in the level editor, you didn’t make an object to change the color of the level.