Site update


So I have made an update to the site - You may have noticed that every game has a “favorites” count, that has until now always been 0. I have added a heart icon under each game, which can be clicked (if you’re logged in) on the play page to “favorite” a game.

I have also changed the game list sorting to use the favorites count for now, but that is subject to change again.

Let me know if you have comments or questions :slight_smile:

During the update, I got 3 extra games on free version!! @grazer so basically I have 6 games in my account. I wanna know the mystery behind it xD

@grazer We need a search bar for games and users. And users can make their profile private or public (Private users won’t show in user search).

If you want to make another site update…

A new forum, and a site update, nice.
However, I would like to see a “Staff Picks” section, so the games don’t just get upvoted by the creator.

-snip- I guess I can’t delete posts.

Is there a section where favorited games show so we can find them easier?

more favorited games show up at the top of the games list

As in the games we favorited. That way we dont have to go through the entire list

Personal favorites? Interesting. When you heart a level, it would be added to a list of levels you hearted. Maybe grazer will add this in the future.