SLAYER: 3D FPS (Tech Demo)

Its that time again where i crawl out of secrecy to present some next level systems, Where to begin… Ah yes its time to reveal my insane project. SLAYER, my revolutionary 3D project. Has been in development for 2 years.

This Project started from a little side experiment i did a long while back that some of you may remember, (Would like your opinion on the growth from point A, here, to point B, now)

Since this is now posted i will continue to post updates on how the system has come along.


Holy crap this is impressively insane!!


For those who follow this system, Massive sprite rework to fit the new movement system that was just implemented.

In more detail:
Q to Aim
M for Music
Shift to Sprint
N for Fullscreen
Y to Inspect Weapon
New Sprites for Hands and Walls

Roadmap for upcoming stuff:
E to Interact w/ Manual Doors
Turn Sensitivity Adjuster
More Guns/Grenades