Sliding in game

Does anyone have an idea of how to make my collisions on a character smaller when an animation plays?

There is no way to change the collision shape of an object, but you could use the Size behavior and Rotation. (Rotation and Size do not change the shape of the object, only the collision size and angle)

Oh, Thanks. Rotate did occur to me but i didn’t think it would change collision.

It doesn’t change collisions, just the angle of it. So if the shape was an arrow pointing Right, when you rotate it 90 degrees the collision will follow the sprite and now be an arrow pointing Down.

Alright. Thanks a lot.

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There is another thing that I wanted to ask. Is there a way to make button combos? For example, if you jump and hit right, can you air slide?

What’s an air slide?

Like slide but in the air

Oh a dash

Yes, there is a behavior called Logic Gates, this can be found in the Logic section. If a Logic Gate is set to ‘AND’ you can use it so that when 2 keys are pressed at the same time it will output.

Thanks alot.