Slight bundle mistake

If I add a bundle to the Menu and add it into the behaviors, it only spawns at the X and Y of where it was first added to the menu.

So if the bundle was saved at X32 and Y32, and I move the camera over so 32x32 is no longer on screen, if I try to spawn the bundle in it spawns off-screen.

This can cause problems if you have a large amount of code so you copy a bundle that’s pretty far away from the normal center. Then if you try to add it in in a different object it will be way off-screen and you’ll need to zoom out.


it’s the same with importing, and usually i wonder “where did my code go??” and then i repeatedly import it until i zoom out and realize its way over in the top right or something. it would be great if bundles and imported behaviors just get added to the middle of the code screen.


For importing it makes sense, because it’s doing the same thing as paste (Importing should be changed though), but bundles should act like any other behavior

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