Slime Quest play my game its work in progress but its cool if you want to give me ideas I’d be glad to use them

You could add a crashed spacecraft near the spawn area to give the scene a story-like look. Since the player had to have arrived to the planet and crash landed.
I would also get rid of the captions or the descriptions over the certain blocks because it can get in the way plus you have to jump and then click to get rid of them.
Add a story behind it so other players have an understanding to what the game is about, like how did this player mysteriously end up on a slime planet.
You could change the name to make the game unique. Slime quest seems kind of simple, add a more unique or personalized name to the game to describe the game, like it should define what the game is about.
If you add more of an attraction to the name and image, then you might get a few more people to play it.
This is all just to help you in you game making experience.

Thanks that will be some great help plus yeah I was thinking about getting rid of the captions play my brother’s/ ManiacPumpkin’s game here

It’s a great game!

thanks I’m still working on it

Just an idea, maybe you could have helper NPCs in the shop that fight with you. Also a day/night background cycle would be lovely. Something like this Backround change:

Currently the game is broken. It used to spawn me in a city, now i’m in a spaceship that breaks chrome in 10 seconds.

Well its a space ship that cash lands on the planet and I’m not sure how to make Mac that fight with you

I tried to play your game but it want load

Ok i’ll try to fix that. It’s a HUGE game!

You could just look it up: Terraria v3.2

Ok thanks

Heh… I flew outside the map.

Yah The maps not finished yet