SLIME [Rage Game]

This game is still in developement. You are warned.

Welcome to the newest Rage Game of Flowlab!
Flowlab Game Creator - SLIME
This game includes rage inducing parts. and yes everything is possible btw


This game needs a lot of work, it’s not very fun since it’s not a rage game, it’s more of just an unfair platformer. if it had more of an objective it would be more enjoyable.

It does have an Objective: Kill the Slime King.

yes, but since there is no special mechanic to make it more enjoyable and unique, it’s literally boring and just a basic platformer with bad gameplay

Well, i tried making a powerup. Buuuut, i dont know how to use that Code Block which makes things being placed.

The powerup was supposed to be called: Boulder Slime which turns you into a litteral boulder slime, and makes you rock solid and impossible to die for a short time.

I just love how you ability takes 2 whole seconds to start and as well as you being able to kill yourself with your own projectile. Very raging indeed

Yeah, i know right? It’s kinda funny.

Im going to be honest, not really.

Im the one who got very raged, because i had to TEST over and over again and fixing it to make things possible.

And who’s fault is that

This game has an specific goal, dissolve the Slime King.

Ok for starters, make the character not have a delay on the ability use a cool down or something. Then make the enemies shoot more slowly. And use Q, E, or even S for you ability so you don’t have to break a finger using it.

Lol, do be though. That will be kinda “[Easy Game]” instead of “[Rage Game

You know what fine I’m not going to mess with it any more, have fun.

Were you just changing my code in ur tab for urself…?