Slippery player glitch

There’s a glitch that causes the player in my game to become slippery on non-slippery surfaces. It’s in both Blue Garden and FNaFriday, and often in order to get rid of it I have to change the player’s starting position. But players won’t be as likely to do that. Here’s what I’ve gathered about this glitch:

It happens when objects have a command, such as changing animation. At least, I believe so. This causes an issue because I’m using animations to reskin blocks in FNaFriday for the different levels, in order to save objects, and I use animations to make the ground invisible in Blue Garden so I can put the grass texture over it without the player colliding with the grass or the grass getting tucked behing a non-invisible ground. So those blocks have to have that command attached to them.
It can be prevented by not using “capsule” as your player collision. However, this causes more issues, especially in FNaFriday, as “capsule” is the only collision that works properly with the game. In “rectangle” and “polygon”, the the player can get stuck on ledges and walls instead of jumping on top of them/sliding against them and falling until the movement button is released, and with “circle” makes the collision space bigger than it should be, leading to platforming/puzzle issues.

Is there any way I can fix this glitch without causing issues for my game(s), or am I doomed to deal with it unless the glitch gets fixed globally?

Here are three possible problems and four solutions:
1: Check the friction and density, as well as the “Movable” status. These need to be on “High” and “Off”.
2: If you are using velocity keys, make sure they set it to 0 when you lift off of them,
3: Try playing from the games list instead of the editor, fo rsome reason the editor player is extremely bugged out at the moment. @grazer
4: Try having an always block attached to a 0 which goes into the X and Y Velocities.