Slope engine

So I finally came across the original source of the basic sprites
I’ve noticed diagonal sprites, and realized that diagonal sprites do not function in flowlab.
@grazer, was this planned? (If you don’t want to add anymore to flowlab, that’s understandable.)
I will start working on Diamondsion Assault Beta soon, I have been working on the sprites.
The Alpha was nice, but it wasn’t what I wanted at all. It was a concept to see what I could pull off.
I’m looking for more of a Metal Slug meets Sonic Advance type game.

Yeah, I would like to come up with a simple make the collision volumes themselves editable instead of just having circles and rectangles. It’s on the roadmap, but will probably be a while before I get to that.

I understand. I’m going to work on a new slope concept in the meantime, using forced gravity and rotation.

anything new on this? its been 5 years

Select the polygon collision shape so it’ll use the shape of the object’s sprite.