Slow only on Flowlab! >:(

So in my school we use Flowlab for my ict classes and its a smooth frame rate, however on my pc at home, which is definitely better than the school ones, has a 5-8 Fps. I have 2 other tabs open usually, both YouTube; and 5 extensions, all small file sizes, its not my account.

Please can someone help, this is very frustrating.

It could be the browser you’re using, or/and how much memory your computer has left. Make sure to organise and throw away unneeded files regularly. Alongside that, Flowlab is running on direct servers, which means it could slow down as it fills up.

What browser do you use?

Hey @Boyo1999 - can you post a link to the game, and what browser you’re using (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, etc)?

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Also its only in editor mode.

Editor mode is usually the laggiest depending on the size of your map, at least in my personal experience.

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No i just tested a new map on the smallest size and still slow. Also it could be memory like you said as %89 is used by SERVICE HOST: DCOM Server Process Launcher. Can I disable this? Its coming up with an error on end task,

So you’re working off of a Microsoft product, yes?



Well, from what I’m reading, DCOM is a system that’s vital to keeping your information safe, and working. I don’t understand it fully, but from what I’m reading, it’s best to keep it on. I’m not sure why it’d be taking so much RAM from you

neither do browngr, neither do i :frowning:

Applications taking insane amounts of RAM can be explained through inefficient coding or viruses. Since this is directly from Windows, I wouldn’t expect them to be that sloppy. You should get your computer checked out

Alright, thanks for your help!