Small dumb math issue

Someone tell me 900/900 doesn’t equal 1. I’m actually going insane.

nodes go in order from top to bottom. You are probably eval off a top output before the value a is being set. 0/900=0

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But then this works totally fine, I’m so lost.

I can’t tell from the screenshots, but is it possible you are comparing floating point decimals?

900 != 900.000001

(You can round them if you think this might be the problem)


I changed them all to rounding, but still.

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Sorry, my mistake. I didn’t read the initial post carefully. I thought you were asking about the filter. I can’t actually see enough of the logic to understand what’s going on, and I also don’t understand what/where the issue is. Can you give a few more details about what exactly is going wrong here?

If the problem is the Expression output being 0, the issue is probably ordering as @Galactian posted above. The Expression is getting evaluated before the “A” input is sending “900” from below. To resolve this, activate the “eval” input from the bottom Filter so that it happens after both A & B Expression inputs are set.