Small Game Jam that I am hosting

I wanted to host a small game jam. I will participate, but it will restrict myself from winning (since thats unfair) Simply make a game in a week, January 2nd - January 9th. The theme will be released on the 2nd

Reward: I will help you with a game you are currently working on. Or if you rather not want the help, then it will just be for fun.

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i entering i need your help

Well you win if nobody else joins. *sigh

i will tell my friends

:disappointed:this was a bad plan

no it wasn’t…

Alright! I am ready :fire: :rage:

for what…

oh I am participating too. I am just not allowed to win

ok try to email people

Its not your fault, we need more flowlab users anyway, I might participate but I am very busy

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Im going to participate

I’ll give it a shot cant wait!

The theme is: Everything has a cost

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Begin!!! (202020202020)

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This is a good theme I cant wait to see what everyone has made!

im gonna join to man


Ok, good luck! (202020)

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gave up… ok goodbye bois