Small update

I just deployed a small update with only two changes:

  1. Levels window is fixed so that re-ordering levels is much more reliable. Before, it was possible for the levels to get mixed up when changing the order.
  2. The camera behavior will now zoom out when adjusting the boundaries, so that you can always see where the edges line up.

Let me know if you find any issues with the update and I’ll try to address them asap.

Cool! Do you think you can add a input that zooms in/out depending on the input value, so like 100% is normal, 200% is zoomed in, and 50% is halfway zoomed out

Good shout jngthree, that would be awesome!

I think stretching pixels wouldn’t be a good idea.

@grazer can you make the music load when the game starts, but will load newly added music, instead of loading them when the que is given. Otherwise they don’t stop, even when the level is over

Hey @jngthree, I don’t understand this request. Are you saying that your music doesn’t stop playing when a level is over?

@grazer Yes, but only if the music doesn’t start immediately

@jngthree - I haven’t been able to reproduce the sound issue you described, but I just deployed a couple of audio bug fixes. Did that solve your problem? It may be a fix for the Android crash as well, I haven’t had a chance to test that yet.

Still getting android crash

@Latif3 I think I have to rebuild the app then publish it then

Or did you side load one of your own?

I’ll look into the camera and that sound issue, because if I remember correctly, an old bug was if something triggered a song or sound, and it was set to loop, it would loop even if you change levels or close the game back to the editor. I’ll attempt to reproduce it tonight.

As for the camera, I have not yet gotten to check out what you mean by “it zooms out”. I’ve always wanted to be able to zoom out my game camera on the Z axis, because:
A: The games feel too zoomed in
B: For dramatic cutscene or level effects

I agree with @“Mhx Ar”

I just reinstalled the app, I don’t know how an indie account works. Maybe update the app.


When you use the exporter, It builds the app as is. It will not update the app.

However, I just released the supposedly fixed app

Does the app not automatically update as you add to the game? I had an android build of Shifter v1 and everytime I changed anything on flowlab, it would be updated to the app when I played it with WiFi or 4G on. Maybe that’s been fixed since I used it last.

No, the app will stay the same.
You have to export it again for the changes to go live I believe

Still not working

The collision detector is having problems. Which ever side I put the collision on it has to be on the opposite side as well for it to work. Thanks. It might be my computer let me know.


@nkbulider make a new topic and paste a link to your game. If I can confirm the problem, I’ll add it to the lost of bugs.

I’m having a big lag issue with some games becoming unresponsive to keys and freezing the browser. Two of those games are Vortex and Xediga Vade.