Smash style bots update log

here’s the link be aware that its still somewhat buggy, I actually mapped out how it would work with pen and paper before I started work with it.
report bugs if you find them and tell me what you think.

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it hasnt even been that long and I just found a bug

made the player and bot jump higher
that kinda was a problem even when I was testing

the bot will actually jump onto platforms if the player can only be reached throught there, just gotta fix the bug where he jumps really high

That’s impressive!

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Is this just an example for smash-style bots or is this for a game your making? if it’s an example, this would be so helpful to use for flowlab all stars! :smiley:

it may or may not be for a game :eyes:

:eye: M-Hmmmmm…

Just by seeing the comments reaction, I NEED to see this XD

AI is always cool to look at

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oh I have something planned, this is the side project of porkys nightmare remake

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