So... I need help.

No this isn't a coding related issue, but please still read!!!!
So, I am making a new level for my game Notes and Waves as a final hurrah just in case it dies. Spoiler alert, it’s going to be 11 minutes long! I will play MDK - Press Start, then the VIP mix, then the two combined. Here’s what I need help with:
The voices in the music sound like popular people, so I will have their face/logo appear on the screen when that happens. So far, the “I have no idea what is happening” is Markiplier and the “Yeehah” is Mr Beast. What about the others?
Yes i know its cheesy IDC lol

I’ve been listening to these songs for so long and yet I never knew that the “YEEHAA” was Mr. Beast…

I’m not sure if any other popular people acted in this song, I think it was just Markiplier and Mr. Beast.

@GalaxianGames i know, but what do they sound like? If I get them wrong it’s fine, just need them to sound recognizable lol
BTW I know Markiplier and I think Mr Beast did those.

The first voice from the VIP mix sounds kind of like Spongebob with a squeaky voice… \(?)/

Something I can use without totally losing my dignity lol