So I went ahead and upgraded to Indie

even though my games aren’t that good, I still want to keep making more.

I hope I didn’t just make a huge mistake, like an amateur musician dropping a thousand dollars on a high end instrument that they never actually get good at playing.

But this was only $60 for a year, so… I have 365 days to try to get good. :grin:


good choice! You only get better with practice so :clap:


Um… one question. When / where do I get my Indie title badge? Or do you guys have to wait until next week during business hours to double check with the bank to make sure I have available funds? :laughing: Because I’m about 95% sure that card was okay. :+1:

EDIT / ADDITIONAL: and YES it is my card. I wouldn’t steal somebody else’s card to upgrade a service that I plan to use under my own name. I might be dumb, but I’m not that dumb. It’s my money, honestly. $60 which of it is now your money, @grazer … should you choose to accept it. :slightly_smiling_face:


I think grazer has to manually add it to indie users.


Since discourse or the forums is different from flowlab so I don’t think he can really tie them together for something like that. Or he can; but he’s just manually adding that as like a new feature or something. Not entirely sure.


I thought you just had to log out and log back in to get the titles.


Hey @TGW - first of all, thanks! Also congrats on joining the Indie ranks :slight_smile:

@MelloJello is correct - the forum only communicates with Flowlab when you log in, so if you log out and back in you should get your badge.


I’m glad that I was actually helpful for once.



Hmmm. Maybe I have to manually log out of each one separately.

There it is! Thanks guys! :smile:

I’ll give solution credit to @MelloJello for being first to mention it. But also thanks to @grazer for confirming.


Enjoy indie!

Maybe we could do a dev. collab sometime : )

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That would be awesome. But what would I do? You’re better than I am at probably everything.

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No, I’d let you do a lot of the coding, and then I’d look over it and give tips on what could be smoother or an easier way to do things.

There’s probably 100 different ways to make top down movement for a player, but knowing the best and smoothest method is always helpful.

I suck at art by the way soo, I can make scenes but not specific objects.

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I think your art is good, actually. It’s very 8-bit retro, but that’s about all I can do myself. Nothing like @Autumnwind_cat , drawing anything that detailed would take me hours. And then trying to animate it properly? LOL that would take me days, probably weeks. Just for one sprite.

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Yeah, all my game characters are squares…

only game I made a real character for was Aurora and it took me hours trying to perfect my OCD.

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Never mind, I have a character sprite for this racing game I just started making:

It’s still just a car though-

btw there is literally nothing beyond the point of clicking ‘sure’.

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That’s funny, one of the projects I’ve been thinking I’ll start next also uses vehicles. Except mine (is? was? not sure yet) going to be a side scrolling shooter. With tanks and planes and boats with missiles and machine guns and stuff. Not exactly an original idea, but the full version is supposed to have a couple dozen or so unlockable vehicles.

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I am probably going to make a racing game where you shoot and blow things up while driving.

Going to be FUN

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Oh yeah, Mario Kart style games are fun for sure.

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