So many bugs!!

I recently encountered so many bugs, i just decided to make a list of them with my game URL.

  1. The ground is movable even though the movement check box is not checked.
  2. A bunch of animations are mixed up for my protagonist’s behaviors in game play.
  3. Like I mentioned in previous post, my inventory box animations are also messed up.
  4. Here it is again; my enemies are multiplying in game.
  5. A cool feature I tried to make turned into a bug. When a lava soldier steps on snow, it melts to grass while if Niceice steps on grass, it turns back to snow. This worked before until I started tinkering with it, and even when I set it back, it never worked again.
    Please help!

Revision: The ground doesn’t really move, but it shifts around slightly and its only a few blocks

I experianced that bug, but never worried about it.

Hey, thanks for the reports!

The animation is a big one, and I’m working on an overhaul of the animations that should sort them out pretty soon. Sorry about that :frowning:

The others I will take a look at and see if I can find them in your game.

er, one more thing.
6. The scoreboard doesn’t work anymore (and it did a long time before this glitch-fest happened)