Some cool things I would like to see in the game:

Here are some wonderful things I would like to see in the game! These would make games a lot better in my opinion and they would just be useful to have!

Triggers Cooperate:
So lets say you want to make it so when you are close to an object, you can interact with it. What I mean by this is that maybe we you could have a mouse click, and a proximity cooperate somehow so when you are however close you want you can click, instead of being able to do it across the screen.

This can also be used with doors. If you want a door not to open when you collide with it because you want it to be more optional to go in, then this feature could help. Just make it so an icon pops up when you are close enough!

It would also be cool if this was implemented with ongoing keyboard buttons. Something like this could make it so that combos and cheat codes are possible. You could have a large string of keyboard functions and if you do them in the right order, then you get a combo or a cheat, or whatever else you want.

Background Interaction
It would be cool if you added it so that normal functions from the game world like proximity and that stuff was added to the background. I know you can make objects not solid, but when doing that it makes it go in front of other objects, making a door seem quite awkward. For example if I went in front of a door, and it was in the game world area and wasn’t solid, then it would show in front of my character. This implemented with my other request would make games that are hub based if you wanted to make some sort of Mario 64 2d remake, would make it a lot better.

You could also make background animations with this like rain or something that would be able to paralax, giving it a much better effect.

I hope that you take these requests into consideration!

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I have no idea what you’re asking for. You can already do proximity clicks/keys and cheat code strings. As for background interactions, if your door is in front of your character, put your character on layer 2 or 3. Don’t put the door in the background. Game layers exist for that purpose. The background layer is for stuff you don’t want to interact with, like far away hills or clouds in the sky.

Someone a few months ago asked how they could make a button press enter a door when they’re in front of it, and I made them a code for it. Basically connect a proximity to a NOR. Connect the proximity to the door to an (on) switch and the NOR to the (off). (Use x if you want to be beside the door, use y if you want to have to be exactly on the door.) Have spacebar or click or whatever you want to open the door go to (in). When you’re near the door, the button or click works, when you aren’t near the door, the NOR turns the switch off so the button does nothing.

@“Mhx Ar” thanks for the help, Im not too good with all the stuff on here, so I don’t really know how to do certain things.