Some Features that I would love to have for Fallout Anarchy:

Yes, I know, Latif did the same thing, and although his games are praised amongst the community, I still think my ideas could be a big help to others, to not just myself:

  1. A “Done” output for sounds. When the sound is played completely through, then the output is put into action. Right now, there’s no easy way to play sounds one after the other.
  2. Checkpoints in the behaviors world. Fallout Anarchy has an exceedingly large map. (Aprox. 1500x2000) So, you can imagine that getting around it is difficult and time consuming. I suggest a checkpoint behavior for objects. When an object has the behavior in it, then it will be listed in a new folder on the behaviors hotbar called simply, “Checkpoints”. It will list all objects in the level that have the behavior, and you will be able to “Fast Travel” to its specified location.
  3. An enemy tracking bundle. In the game, there’s a lot of enemies that track the player, not just in my own. So, I think an enemy tracking bundle would be great, for 2.5D and 2.0D games. It’s a pretty simple mechanism, but, it’s also tedious to make when you have to make a lot of them.

I know this might be a lot to ask, but I feel like the most difficult thing to make here would be the checkpoints behavior, and as far as Grazer’s experience goes, that kind of thing could be done fast.