Some multiplayer ideas

Save Sending a value to the Save input will cause the value to be stored on the players computer or mobile device with the specified Name so that it is accessible in later gameplay sessions. (from the behavior handbook)
Where/how exactly is this saved? Is it a file? Here are some ideas I had

solution 1:
File syncing
It might be possible to sync specific files, or more simply a folder containing the entire game, between multiple computers to create something multiplayer.

Upon starting a game, you select to be player 1 or 2. Player’s 1 x and y are saved as 1x and 1Y, this is synced to another computer, when they read this save, they will obtain player 1’s position. Likewise, player 2’s position can be synced the same way. Player 1 and 2’s positions are constantly being saved by their games, and synced to the other player’s computer. Player 1’s game is constantly reading the save of player 2 to update his position, and vice versa.

solution 2:
Virtual desktop
Running multiple instances of the same flowlab game through an online virtual desktop could let you have access to the save information from other players, in the same save/read method described above, minus the syncing since it’s all on one system.

solution 3:
In the past people sometimes played games, like board games, checkers, chess, with each other through the mail. They would literally mail their response to another player’s decision. A similar approach could be used to play with other players (although only one would be ingame at any given moment). Say you create your character as player 1, you do some things, explore the world, interact and change the world. Your actions have changed the world and your character’s position, etc, are saved.

You email or somehow send another player your game folder, and they create their character as player 2. Everything you do is saved, you might even be able to visit player 1’s house or find his character, but he won’t be playing. You might be able to use his character in your party or something. When player 2 is done playing, he send the game folder back to player 1, and so on. In this way they interact with each other somewhat through their characters. Kind of odd and not truly ‘multiplayer’ but nonetheless would be interesting.

Any other ideas?

To answer your question specifically - the values are saved in a cookie file on your computer (technically an LSO or “flash cookie” right now, but will probably use a regular cookie in the future).

It would definitely not be straightforward to implement multiplayer using saved values.

I’ve been thinking a lot about how to best phase in multiplayer features, and it’s definitely a tricky problem to solve in a way that could for most types of games on all platforms.

Multiplayer would be insanely good for flowlab