Some simple feature requests

Hey developers and hopefully @grazer, I have some fairly simple feature requests here. Nothing too fancy, so I’ll just get into them right away.

  1. This is the one I want the most out of the two. It’s the ability to use decimals in the number block. This request may have cropped up somewhere else, but the ability to use bool numbers and not just integers would be widely useful in many situations where you need to use precise calculations, movements, etc.
  2. The ability to change the background color without having to make a block that covers the background to fulfill the same purpose. Basically some sort of logic block that would allow the game level background color to be changed based on inputs. (This is less important, but I think it could still be useful in some cases)

These are just two requests that have popped up from my personal development on Flowlab recently, so if you guys have work arounds, criticisms, or agree with these requests, feedback for me to get around them or Grazer to implement them would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks for reading!

@BitWit we have all requested stuff but never got it lol
With a few exceptions

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ask. If you never ask then you’re certain it will never come

If you’re asking then I’m asking too lol
@Grazer PLEASEEEE make an option on timers to allow delays in frames. This would be my perfect update, for I could make games that are near seamless.

Discord or email may be a better means of contact, however. I just wanted to give these ideas a chance to be looked over by the community and maybe get seen by Grazer as unlikely as that may seem to be through the forums. It’s also important to realize that Grazer is probably a pretty busy person so small threads like this may be easily unseen.

@“Mhx Ar”

Hiya @BitWit

The level background color can be changed here:
Either enter color HEX code or click on the color selector.

But I agree, would be nice to have a similar option for the background layer itself.

@BitWit - thanks for the feedback, feature requests are helpful. You might be interested to know that lots of people have been asking for more flexible datatypes for block links beyond just integers, so it’s good to know that floating point numbers in particular are needed. Changing background colors hasn’t really been requested very much IIRC, but it might be simple enough that it’s worth adding even if not that many people need it.

@meburningslime - almost all new features come from user requests. That doesn’t mean that every request will become a feature, but the more people that voice their need for a certain feature, the higher I prioritize it in general. Also - what’s the reasoning behind having a separate frame count timer? Is that something that’s a common need? If you need that right now, you can make a custom bundle to do it like this I think:

[Always] -> (+)[Number] -> (A)[Expression: A % delay] -> [Filter: equal to 0]

That should activate the “pass” output every “delay” frame count I think.

@grazer thanks, but I need something more compact than that. I want it because @thebrickccentric and myself are working on RWG, and that requires precise, fame-by-frame measurements to do it in a timely fashion

Hey, I’m not sure what you mean. If I added a new timer block it would do the same thing I think. If you just need it to be compact in size, you can make it a custom bundle block and add it that way. Maybe I’m just misunderstanding you.

@grazer ,well I have fiddled around with lag spikes when I was making Notes and waves. For example, I made switches into bundles with filters etc. When there are more block code objects, it lags more, because the screen has to load the editor logic as well (I’m guessing). I was hoping for this feature to reduce lag, because I want my next flowjam game to be a RWG game lol.

Hey @meburningslime, having lots of logic blocks adds a very small amount of overhead while the game is running, they are not rendered or anything while playing the game - only while the behavior window is open.

Some blocks are definitely more efficient than others, though. For example, having lots of something like Number blocks has almost no performance impact, while Proximity checks can have a significant cost, depending on the number of objects in the level. Emit and Spawn blocks can also have a large impact, especially if they are generating lots of objects.

@grazer thanks. I was guessing that, but still it’s good to have confirmation.
What I am saying though, is that whenever I try to move a behaviour that’s in my Notes and Waves game, it lags SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH because of the logic engine. For example, I had a group of 10 people all try to move one block, and it crashed all of our computers because it was too much memory.

Thanks for looking the requests over @Grazer, I’m glad to voice some feedback if it’s helpful!

@TinkerSmith Thanks for the help, though I was already aware that you can do it manually :slight_smile: I was referring to adding some sort of logic so that an in game object could have the ability to change the game’s bg color remotely. I could see how my request could be misinterpreted though, I didn’t word it very well :confused: